Ladies’ Lunch

Three of us had a lovely time at Carmela’s on July 16.

We decided to do something different for August: We will bring takeout food to Barbara Barron’s house at 1145 Mockingbird Lane North on August 20 at 12:00 noon.

Suggestions for takeout near Barbara’s include: Sultan’s Kite, 7350 South 13th Street (near SW corner of 14th and Pine Lake) and Panera Bread’s new location at 1424 Pine Lake Road. Both places have drive-through service as well as sit down or takeout. Issara is also nearby, as is Jimmy John’s and others. Or you can bring your own favorite food /special diet from home

Let Deborah Swearingen know if you plan to attend and if you need a ride. See you then!

We’ve visited a lot of places in the last couple of years:

1/15 Imperial Palace
2/19 Kinja Sushi & Japanese Cuisine
3/19 The Parthenon
4/19 Le Quartier
5/19 & 6/18 Ginger Grill
7/16 Carmela’s

1/18 Carmela’s
2/18 Grata
3/18 LaPaz
4/18 Char Grille in Hickman
5/18 Hiro 88
6/18 Egg and I Downtown
7/18 Issara
8/18 Screamers
9/18 Korea House
10/16 Korea House
11/20 Kinja
12/18 Hacienda Real

1/17 Carmela’s (went to Kinja as Carmela’s was closed)
2/17 Misty’s in Havelock
3/17 Piedmont Bistro (too loud)
4/17 Parthenon
5/17 The Eatery
6/17 Carmela’s
7/17 A St Grata #102
8/17 Carmela’s
9/17 Granite City
10/17 la Paz
11/17 Grata
12/17 Issara

7/16 Venue
8/16 Carmela’s
9/16 Fuji’s (closed) went to Marcia’s
10/16 Asian Fusion
11/16 Daffodil
12/16 Tanners