Ladies’ Lunch

6The Ladies’ Lunch Group meets the third Tuesday of most months for lunch and talk — and the chance to eat at a variety of restaurants. (Check out the list below!)

There were only 3 of us in September at the Korea House, 5601 S. 56th St. We loved the food and it was really quiet, as we were the only customers there. We decided to go there again for our October Lunch on October 16th.

We enjoyed lunch at Kinja on November 20th.

We will meet again on Tuesday, December 18th at 12:00 noon at Hacienda Real, 3130 Pine Lake Road (south of Trader Joe’s). I hear the spinach enchiladas are very good!
Let Deborah Swearingen know if you plan to attend and if you need a ride.
We’ve visited a lot of places in the last couple of years:

1/18 Carmela’s
2/18 Grata
3/18 LaPaz
4/18 Char Grille in Hickman
5/18 Hiro 88
6/18 Egg and I Downtown
7/18 Issara
8/18 Screamers
9/18 Korea House
10/16 Korea House
11/20 Kinja
12/18 Hacienda Real

1/17 Carmela’s (went to Kinja as Carmela’s was closed)
2/17 Misty’s in Havelock
3/17 Piedmont Bistro (too loud)
4/17 Parthenon
5/17 The Eatery
6/17 Carmela’s
7/17 A St Grata #102
8/17 Carmela’s
9/17 Granite City
10/17 la Paz
11/17 Grata
12/17 Issara

7/16 Venue
8/16 Carmela’s
9/16 Fuji’s (closed) went to Marcia’s
10/16 Asian Fusion
11/16 Daffodil
12/16 Tanners